Swords slash... The adrenaline rush can kill...

But the silence never dies...

30th December 2015

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I'm Star - aspiring artist, sword-fighter and fanfic nut.

You probably won't see much from me here. I'm not much of a writer, (it's kind of a struggle to make stories flow) but I will post any fics or interesting art projects I do come up with.
I'm pretty laid back fandom-wise; I'll read almost any fandom, but I tend to lean towards FF7, FF12, Gundam Wing, Naruto and I recently got blindsided by the SPN fandom. I dont read or write het fics - If yaoi or slash isn't your thing, turn back now.

I have an LJ account with the same name, but that's basically a shadow account for this one, so that I can read fic and join communities there. If you followed a link from there to 'confirm my identity' you're in the right place ^_^

Currently working on:


~~FF7: Blind!Cloud AU.
(Taking ages, no idea when 1st chapter will be up. Hopefully soon, unless life gets in the way.)

~~Sketches mainly, nothing of note yet. Will post more when I get a camera or scanner.