Swords slash... The adrenaline rush can kill...

But the silence never dies...

12th October 2010

We interrupt this programme to bring you an important message.... @ 00:56

Hideout: home
Mood: Stressed, Cold
Music: none - I haz no speakerz T_T !!!!

So I've just got my journal back to how it was, (working formatting for the win!) And I've figured out the very basics of formatting (bold, italics, changing font size).
Which unfortunately means that everything fic related is down for editing.
This may take a few days, since I'm very busy with RL. I was going to post the first 2 major snippets of my Blind!Cloud fic, but now I'm going to have to go back through it all.
Sorry for the wait (if anyone is) I'll get it finished as soon as possible!!!

Le Gra, Ja ne!