Swords slash... The adrenaline rush can kill...

But the silence never dies...

Okay, here goes.... ^_^;;; @ 12:31

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New and improved version is up!
This post is mainly to help me out with writing since I lose everything left, right and centre like you wouldn't believe.
All are welcome to read this post, but there will be massive spoilers, just so you know ^_^;;

BlindAC!Cloud Fic planning!!!

Woot! 2 hours and counting, and this is finally posted!
(Sorry for the wait artimusdin! took longer than I thought!
Its up now and I'll probably get the first bit of fic up for you early in the morning.)

Edit: Some extras added to snippets. I've also finally figured out how to format bold and italics, making for smoother reading :)

Please do not read if you want this fic to be a surprise! )