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30th December 2015

Sticky Post: Kia Ora! ^_^ @ 22:22

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I'm Star - aspiring artist, sword-fighter and fanfic nut.

You probably won't see much from me here. I'm not much of a writer, (it's kind of a struggle to make stories flow) but I will post any fics or interesting art projects I do come up with.
I'm pretty laid back fandom-wise; I'll read almost any fandom, but I tend to lean towards FF7, FF12, Gundam Wing, Naruto and I recently got blindsided by the SPN fandom. I dont read or write het fics - If yaoi or slash isn't your thing, turn back now.

I have an LJ account with the same name, but that's basically a shadow account for this one, so that I can read fic and join communities there. If you followed a link from there to 'confirm my identity' you're in the right place ^_^

Currently working on:


~~FF7: Blind!Cloud AU.
(Taking ages, no idea when 1st chapter will be up. Hopefully soon, unless life gets in the way.)

~~Sketches mainly, nothing of note yet. Will post more when I get a camera or scanner.

24th January 2013

Reaction post - Supernatural: 8.11 - LARP and the Real Girl @ 22:32

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Woot! Fangirling so hard right now! We already knew it, but Supernatural = best series ever! ^_^
(Warning you right now for possibly more detail on weapons, armor etc than anyone is interested in.)

That was epic and exactly as good as I hoped it would be XD. My only disappointment was the lack of real weapons and armour in general - but then, it was LARPing and not medieval re-enactment (which is my fun of choice) - I really was hoping to see a proper swordfight though.

Highlights -"This? is a real gun. See?" and the various reactions XD. The fact Charlie had a real dagger on her. Dean discussing strategy with Charlie. Actually make that all scenes between Dean and Charlie. How Dean is always the one geeking out (and dressing up) so Sam is the (long-suffering) serious one. The fact that SPN is not afraid of giving us canon femmeslash (and I know people will be writing some awesome fic after this). Jensen/Dean in 'armor' and the brief flash of Sam. I would also love to see one of the boys in actual armor one day. I know its a pipe dream.

[Borrowing armor is unlikely to work as the J's are probably too tall/too big to fit a borrowed set. Also unless it's chainmail, most armor conforms to (or is custom-made for) the owner's bodyshape. Chainmail has more flexibility than most others, but a shirt of it can be pretty heavy for first time users. Buying ny type of armor is not cheap either and making it is pretty time-consuming, so I guess I'll just have to be content with trying to draw them in different styles with appropriate weapons. Here's hoping I'm up to the challenge.]

Also! When they were saying goodbye to Charlie and started talking, I was totally prepared to be let down and see the boys hit the road again. I am so happy they stayed and joined in fighting for the Queens army. The Braveheart speech was adorkable, Sam's comment and Dean getting interrupted had me chuckling. Also Dean's wig - did not really suit, but thank you for going that far Jensen! Am I'm wondering who forgot to put the fake tans on under the facepaint too, lol.

15th August 2011

It is motherfucking SNOWING @ 16:19

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Now this may seem stupid to make a post about, but to my knowledge we have never had snow in Wellington before - Kaikoura, Queenstown or on the desert road sure, but Wellington? We're famous for it raining sideways in winter, not snow. I honestly can't believe it - it's fucking snowing!

I wonder if it'll get thick enough that I can board down the gorge? Lol and I thought it was cold last week! I knew I shoulda brought some firewood...
Oh well, as long as its not the end of the world or anything, Imma go make a Milo, curl up in bed and watch the abnormal weather. ^_^

13th October 2010

Okay, here goes.... ^_^;;; @ 12:31

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New and improved version is up!
This post is mainly to help me out with writing since I lose everything left, right and centre like you wouldn't believe.
All are welcome to read this post, but there will be massive spoilers, just so you know ^_^;;

BlindAC!Cloud Fic planning!!!

Woot! 2 hours and counting, and this is finally posted!
(Sorry for the wait artimusdin! took longer than I thought!
Its up now and I'll probably get the first bit of fic up for you early in the morning.)

Edit: Some extras added to snippets. I've also finally figured out how to format bold and italics, making for smoother reading :)

Please do not read if you want this fic to be a surprise! )

12th October 2010

We interrupt this programme to bring you an important message.... @ 00:56

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So I've just got my journal back to how it was, (working formatting for the win!) And I've figured out the very basics of formatting (bold, italics, changing font size).
Which unfortunately means that everything fic related is down for editing.
This may take a few days, since I'm very busy with RL. I was going to post the first 2 major snippets of my Blind!Cloud fic, but now I'm going to have to go back through it all.
Sorry for the wait (if anyone is) I'll get it finished as soon as possible!!!

Le Gra, Ja ne!

7th October 2010

This is *not* my day. In fact, it's not my *week* @ 22:59

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There will be no more fic today. Sorry.
Try again tomorrow.

Rant ahead.... )